As one of the more interesting characters in The Canterbury Tales , The Wife of Bath had a reputation to live up to through her tale.  And she exceeded it.


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Discussion QuestionsEdit

  1. What crime has the knight committed?  Who is given the power to decide his fate?  What question does the knight have to find the answer to in his quest?  How much time does he have?
  2. Who gives the knight the information he needs?  What is the answer to the question?  What must he promise her in return for the answer?
  3. What happens when the knight returns to the queen?  Who is with the queen to judge his answer?  What is he ultimately forced to do?  Why?
  4. What four complaints does the knight have about his wife?
  5. How does the knight's wife respond to each of these four complaints? 
  6. What two options does the knight's wife give the knight after they are married?  What does he choose?  What happens to the knight as a result of his decision?How does this relate to the answer he had to find on his quest?
  7. How has the knight gone against chivalry?  What are two exmaples when the knight followed the rules of chivalry?