This vocabulary follows the rules of any vocabulary assignment.  The twenty words can be found throughout The Crucible, and their memorization and comprehension can help with an overall understanding of the text.

The WordsEdit

Conjure: to summon a spirit by sorcery

Faction: a united and usually troublesome minority within a larger group

Abomination: hated, loathed

Deference: courteous submission to the opinions, judgment, or wishes of another

Abyss: immeasurable depth or void; the bottomless pit; hell

Intimate: to communicate indirectly; hint

Formidable: arousing fear, dread, or awe

Inert: powerless to move

Prodigious: impressively great in size, force, or extent; enormous; extraordinary; marvelous

Fathom: to understand

Defame: to attack the good name of someone by slander or libel

Anarchy: a social structure without government or law and order

Indignant: feeling or expressing anger aroused by something unjust, unworthy

Ameliorate: to make or grow better; improve

Taint: corrupt, contaminate

Probity: uprightness; honesty; integrity

Base: of inferior quality; without moral principles

Gaunt: being thin and angular; skinny

Beguile: to deceive

Adamant: inflexible; unyielding

Parts of SpeechEdit


  • faction
  • abomination
  • deference
  • abyss
  • anarchy
  • probity


  • conjure
  • intimate
  • fathom
  • defame
  • ameliorate
  • taint
  • beguile


  • formidable
  • inert
  • prodigious
  • indignant
  • base
  • gaunt
  • adamant