This vocabulary follows the rules of any vocabulary assignment.  The twenty words can be found throughout Macbeth, and their memorization and comprehension can help with an overall understanding of the text.

The WordsEdit

Direful: dreadful, terrible

Repentance: deep sorrow or regret

Stealthy: secret; sly

Provoke: to call forth; stir in action or feeling

Scruple: a moral or ethical principle that restrains action

Predominance: the state of being the most important, common, or noticable 

Incense: to make enraged; fill with anger

Jovial: full of good humor; genial and playful

Appall: to fill with horror and shock

Amends: something done or given to make up for injury, loss, etc.

Pernicious: destructive; deadly

Redress: to set right; remedy

Avarice: greed

Pertain: to be connected to or have relevance to

Prowess: superior ability; skill

Usurper: one who seizes the power, position, or rights of another by force

Credulous: to ready to believe; easily deceived

Palpable: capable of being toughed or felt; tangible

Equivocate: to use expressions of double meaning to mislead

Surmise: to infer; to guess

Parts of SpeechEdit


  • repentance
  • scruple
  • predominance
  • amends
  • avarice
  • prowess
  • usurper


  • provoke
  • incense
  • appall
  • redress
  • pertain
  • equivocate
  • surmise


  • direful
  • stealthy
  • jovial
  • pernicious
  • credulous
  • palpable