The end of the first semester!  You're halfway through your honors career; time to turn your thoughts to Santa and presents-time.


This is meant as a guideline only.  You are responsible for knowing what was covered in class.


Beowulf: Background Information, Characteristics of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, Literary Terms, Plot, Characters

The Canterbury Tales : Background Information, Characteristics of Medieval Poetry, Literary Terms, CHaracters, Plots, Themes, "The Prologue", "Pardoner's Tale", "Wife of Bath's Tale "

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Characteristics of Romance, Characteristics of Chivalry, Literary Terms, Characters, Plot, Themes

Macbeth: Shakespeare Background Information, Literary Terms, Characters, Plot, Themes

Renaissance Poetry: Characteristics of Pastoral Poetry, "The Passionate Shepherd to his Love", "The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd", Characteristics of Spenserian and Shakespearean Sonnets, Spencerian Sonnets 30 and 75, Shakespearean Sonnets, Literary Terms


  • 100 Scantron (Multiple choice and Matching) questions (worth one point each, for a total of 100 points)
  • Essay (Worth 50 points)

Essay Scoring:

25 Points- Proper Essay Format (Introduction with Thesis, body paragraphs with topic sentences, conclusion), Grammar and Punctuation, Word Choice and Vocabulary

25 Points- Specific, detailed evidence for support; Thorough analysis and explanation of evidence