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The finished sheet, as handed out.

Rule number one: don't lose your handout.  If, for some unfathomable reason, that happens, don't worry.  It's all right here.  Print out the pic, and you're good to go!

What it's forEdit

This handout is basically the gospel of the class. Every assignment, essay, and in-class writing is based on this one sided paper.  It discusses basic essay format, and you have to add on with your own notes as the year goes on.

What's in itEdit

Guidelines for Writing 

Essay Format

Introductory Paragraph

·      Begins with an attention getter -- must be relevant to topic

Interesting quotations

Interesting statistics

Interesting question/statement

·      Includes important background information, including name of work and author -- each sentence should be gradually more specific until reaching the thesis.

·      The last sentence of the introductory paragraph must be the thesis statement         Thesis statement: The subject and main point(s) of the paper Main Point:  This is the purpose of the paper.  What main point(s) are you trying to prove

Body Paragraph(s)

·      The first sentence of the body paragraph must be a topic sentence 

Topic sentence: The subject of paragraph and main point or purpose supported within paragraph

·      Specific examples, details, and/or facts that support the topic sentence

·      Concluding sentence or transitional sentence that brings closure to the paragraph topic

Concluding paragraph

·      Restate the thesis statement in completely different words

·      Summarize main points made in the body paragraphs and create finality and closure to the paper.  Do NOT repeat the examples presented in the paper.  Bringing closure does not mean repeating everything already written in the paper.  Remind the reader of the purpose of your paper.

·      End with a strong and memorable statement – a clincher