This vocabulary follows the rules of any vocabulary assignment.  The twenty words can be found throughout the American Romanticism unit, and their memorization and comprehension can help with an overall understanding of the text.

The WordsEdit

Malleable: yielding to others or easily adaptable; pliable

Impunity: freedom or exemption from punishment or penalty

Pestilent: annoying, troublesome, or harmful

Adherent: supporter or follower; devoted or loyal

Reciprocate: to do or feel in return; interchange

Rubicund: reddish, ruddy, or rosy

Reiterate: to repeat or to say or do again and again

Desist: to stop, cease, or abstain

Billows: large waves or swells of water; any large swelling mass

Communion: a close spiritual relationship or intimate association; sharing thoughts or feelings

Blight: anything that destroys or harms

Insensible: unconscious, unaware; lacking the ability to feel

Pensive: thinking deeply or seriously, often of sad things

Unfaltering: unhesitating, certain, firm, not wavering or weakening

Efface: erase, blot out, or destroy

Hasten: to move or act quickly

Solemn: highly serious; somber, gloomy

Mirth: gladness or gaiety accompanied with laughter

Aversion: a strong dislike toward something

Corraborative: to support with evidence or authority; make more certain

Parts of SpeechEdit


  • impunity
  • adherent
  • billows
  • communion
  • blight
  • mirth
  • aversion


  • reciprocate
  • reiterate
  • desist
  • efface
  • hasten
  • corraborative


  • malleable
  • pestilent
  • rubicund
  • insensible
  • pensive
  • unfaltering
  • solemn